3Jan 2017

Infographics: 8 Resolutions For A Better You

The start of a calendar year provides an opportunity to look back at the decisions that shaped our lives during the past year and gives us an extra push to make adjustments for the next one. It represents a natural opportunity to evaluate the

27Dec 2016

VA Success Story: Emerita Salvador

What is your life like before landing a job with VSF? My husband and I we’re both Physical Therapist. We had our clinic for three years. Then we decided to close our clinic and shift our career as entrepreneur. We started our Water Refilling Station

19Dec 2016

Infographics: 5 Ways to Avoid Overspending this Holiday Season

As the largest gift-giving holiday, the final months of the year account  for nearly 20 percent of total annual retail sales for retailers—making it the costliest season of the year for shoppers. This is not surprising.  However, when the calendar turns to January, the

12Dec 2016

VA Success Story: Dianne Dela Cruz-Jaque

What is your life like before landing a job with VSF? Before VSF, I experienced almost all online jobs possible. I worked as an online English teacher, handled outbound and inbound support accounts and other admin VA works. The search for the best job

5Dec 2016

Infographics: 5 Tips In Staying Focused While Working From Home During the Holidays

There are so many competing demands and expectations during the holidays that it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Working remotely is perfect – until the holiday season arrives and there are children in your office space. Here are some tips on balancing family

28Nov 2016

VA Success Story: Rosanna Lim

What is your life like before landing a job with VSF? My life was really hard then being a single mother of two with project-based clients and jobs. How do you feel after being hired? The first time I got hired with a VSF client felt

21Nov 2016

Infographics: 6 Tips To Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance

It’s not a bad thing to be dedicated to your work. If you love your job, seeing the results of your efforts successfully move is hugely satisfying. But spending every waking hour focused on work simply isn’t for everybody, and if you’re one of

14Nov 2016

VA Success Story: Bernadette Golfo

What is your life like before landing a job with VSF? Prior to doing remote job as VA, I was working in the BPO.  In my 10 years of tenure with the Business Process Outsourcing industry, I have been a CSR first just like most

7Nov 2016

Infographics: Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office

Working from home offers many advantages – from the flexibility of setting your own schedule to saving time and money by virtually eliminating your daily commute. However, being successful in a home office requires creating a work space that promotes efficiency in a non-traditional

2Nov 2016

VA Success Story: Rhodora Cruz

What is your life like before landing a job with VSF? I have been in the SEO, Social Media and Content writing industry for almost 12 years. Both office based and home based but I find it more comfortable working from home. There are struggles at